Investigation into the conduct of a student club reaches conclusion

About 3 months ago

The University has concluded its discipline procedures into the actions of a number of students at a white t-shirt social event organised by the Students’ Union’s Snowsports Club.

Eight students were investigated for breaches of the University‘s Student Discipline Regulations. Following the investigation, the students’ cases were heard by an Exclusion Panel comprising three staff and two students.

All eight students who appeared before the panel were found to have contravened the Student Discipline Regulations. The panel took the view that there was varied culpability where individuals were concerned and sanctions were applied according to the seriousness of the individuals’ transgressions.

The penalties as determined by the Panel included:

  • Permanent exclusion suspended for the remainder of the individual’s studies and contingent on there being no further breach of the discipline regulations as well as their attendance at a range of training including equality, diversity and inclusivity, bystander intervention, hate speech awareness and a restorative justice session; 
  • Suspension from the University for a 12 month period;
  • Fines of between £200 and £500.

In line with the Regulations and the University’s commitment to a fair process, these outcomes are subject to potential appeal. Permanent exclusion and suspension are the two most severe penalties the University can impose. 

The Panel’s view that the actions (and, in some cases, the inaction) of students in this case merit such penalties emphasise the University’s lack of tolerance for such behaviours. It also makes clear that all members of the University have a role to play in maintaining and upholding the inclusive and tolerant values of our community. 

Staff and students can be assured that Lancaster University does not tolerate hate speech in any form and considers it the very opposite of our shared values of equality, diversity, inclusion and mutual respect. 


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